A.N.N is an inflatable construction made of several luminous large scale objects which hanging above the water. The installation stands for ‘artificial neural network’; this is a software that mimics systems in our brain. It receives signals, interprets them from previously acquired knowledge and then processes and sends them. According to the A.N.N computing system which is a mathematical definition, the artwork can also define as an algorithmic construction, a parametric generated design. The light installation measurements are 24mx24m include 3000 pixels.
A.N.N. was on display at the 7th edition of Amstredam Light Festival in 2018-19.
Concept, design and construction: Koros Design
Light programming: Viktor Vicsek /Limelight Projection Mapping/
Lighting technician: Tamás Herceg
Technician: Péter Kresz-Guther
Textile department: Borbála Vértesi, Betti Füle