Nature is all around us. If we pay attention to finding plants in urban areas, our cities are often much richer in biodiversity than we might expect.  ‘Hidden Garden‘ reflects the gorgeous variety of plants that surround us. The inflatable flowers wrap around the trees like a living organism to extend the green space of — Read More

A.N.N is an inflatable construction made of several luminous large scale objects which hanging above the water. The installation stands for ‘artificial neural network’; this is a software that mimics systems in our brain. It receives signals, interprets them from previously acquired knowledge and then processes and sends them. According to the A.N.N computing system — Read More

Water lilies are part of the symbol system of numerous cultures all around the world. This flower symbolizes delight and new life, real truth and purity as well as the re-birth of nature’s cycle. The inflatable installation ‘Lilies’ is an enlarged variant of this meaningful plant. In daylight the white textile flowers are floating just — Read More

The Hungarian title of the artwork ‘Floret’-‘VIRÁGOM’ means ‘my flower’, which also has the meaning  ‘ my lover’ and it is in close etymological connection with our word ‘VILÁG’ meaning ‘world, the globe and light’. Although the words are different but the symbolism of flowers is global. Beyond that context our light art installation ‘Floret’ — Read More

PHOTON visualizes the elemental particle of light through a geometrical form. The installation is a fictional floating particle, which is made of 60 textile-covered metal tubes. Partner: Limelight Projection Mapping   Zsolnay Light Festival Pécs, Hungary, 2018 La Festa di Roma, Rome, Italy, 2019   — Read More

The Bunch of Tulips is an inflatable art installation. It is a blow up interpretation of the dutch tulip craze. It was on display for the first time on the 5th edition of Amsterdam Light Festival in 2016-17. Amsterdam Light Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2016 Xi’an Light Festival Xi’an, China, 2018 Solana Light Festival Beijing, — Read More

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Liliom is an inflatable light installation with programmed RGB LED lights.  Zsolnay Light Festival Pécs, Hungary, 2017 — Read More