Light installation inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller's tensegrity structure

About the project

Try to shape the light. Aim to embody the brightness. We did exactly that when we came up with the idea of the artwork, called Photon. According to modern theory of light, it can be a wave or a flow of extremely small particles. We tried to imagine what these tiny elements could look like and gave this thought a spiky, glowy twist.

  • Photon
  • Light art installation
  • 2018

Light has a special place in our history: it functioned as the enhancement of the human activity. Whether it comes from nature, a chandelier or a TV screen, the smallest component of light is photon. Our art piece visualizes this elementary particle in a geometrical, enlarged form. The installation is a fictional floating shape, made of 60 textile-covered metal tubes. This imaginary structure is a floating silhouette as elusive as light itself.

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