Water lilies are part of the symbol system of numerous cultures all around the world. This flower symbolizes delight and new life, real truth and purity as well as the re-birth of nature’s cycle.
The inflatable installation ‘Lilies’ is an enlarged variant of this meaningful plant. In daylight the white textile flowers are floating just above the water and after dark they come alive and start to glow in different colors. The programmed LED lights inside of the structure have a repetitive color program but visitors are able to connect to the flowers by a remote control and change them color.
Partner: Limelight Projection Mapping
HeadOnEast – Days of Croatian Tourism, Osijek, Croatia 2019
Rescape – Light Art Exhibition Curated by Limelight, Debrecen, Hungary 2019
Factory Light Festival, Slemmestad, Norway 2019
31!, Győr, Hungary 2019