Hidden Garden

A bridge between the ancient force of plants and art

About the project

Nature is all around us. If we pay attention to finding plants in urban areas, our cities are often much richer in biodiversity than we might expect. Nature is all around us – even in urban surroundings. Do you happen to notice it easily: a tree outside your house, random plants downtown, or mischievous blades of grass sprouting from concrete? With our inflatable, colourful flowers of the Hidden Garden series, we would like to focus your attention to the real concrete jungle. These artistic pieces cling to the trunks of trees like living organisms, creating an unusual atmosphere, adding some cheery, modern playfulness to what nature gracefully shaped through the centuries. It is a true symbiosis, a bridge between the ancient force of plants and art that is inspired by nature.

  • Hidden Garden
  • Inflatable light art installation
  • Partner: Limelight Projection Mapping
  • 2019

In this series we created a total of 12 flowers to reflect to the magnificent variety of greenery that surrounds us. Hidden Garden gives you an interactive experience with the programmed LED lighting and its variable intensity pulsing.

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