We create works of art using special materials and technologies.

Who we are

We are a team of designers, artists and engineers, who aim to blow your mind by bringing you closer to nature with our large-scale, luminous art installations. In our creative processes we use special materials and technologies, experiment with inflated lightweight fabrics and digitally generated design. Koros Design Studio was dreamed up by textile designer Réka Magyar and design artist Péter Koros. Together with our team we have many years of experience in the lighting industry. Our artworks displayed in public spaces pull passers-by out of the drabness of everyday life, quenching their thirst for art with the combination of shape, light, color and playfulness that makes them contemplate on the beauty and force of nature and humanity’s connection to it. With these artworks and their enchanting aura we intend to light up your surroundings and even your spirits.

Our Services


Unique needs and locations are something we are familiar with and see them as an artistic challange. You can entrust us with the entire process of installation – from transportation of the elements to bringing the artwork to life and breaking the exhibition down at the end of your event. You don’t need to worry about the details of daily operation either: we provide full care of the artworks to ensure your success. Do you have a special luminous idea in mind? Whatever you come up with, we can turn into reality. Or are you just curious of our collection and want to browse through it? Lighten up your festival or art event with one of our pieces available to borrow.

Design & Production Developement

Our team’s experience spans from kite design through costume manufacturing to production and set design. Based on that background we now create artworks of the highest quality by exploring the combined usage of manual and digital techniques. Artworks are brought to life in our own workshop with the utmost care, with special focus on technical details. We continuously improve our processes in order to provide the best service to our clients. As most of our works deal with the wonders of nature, sustainability is of high importance to us even from the beginning of designing. We use low-power LED lighting to operate our installations. We even minimise shipping size: many of our works can be packed into a suitcase. We strive to create works that can stand the test of time, and are proud to say that we have some creations that withstood fickle weather conditions for over 365 days.

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© 2023 Koros Design Kft. All rights reserved.